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Rules while at the Gathering

AFG Rules while at the Gathering

See downloadable form on home page for complete details.

Please dress appropriately for the occasion.

Minimize the use of technology. This is a week of study, fellowship, and devotion to God.

Be kind to others, and if you need help or don't know about a situation, seek advice through prayer and help from others.

Be responsible for your actions.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the committee members for clarification on the Gathering rules. Committee members who can help include Sara Wiechert, David Ross, Brad Rek, Scott Tennant, and others.

AFG Gathering Financial Assistance Guidelines

The Abrahamic Faith Gathering Committee recognizes there are brethren with short- and long-term financial challenges. We will do all we can to make it financially possible for everyone to attend. As part of our own stewardship, we need to consider each applicant's individual situation and give Biblical advice for principles that may lead to a solution. Below are sound scriptural guidelines that we hope will be considered as part of requests for financial aid:

  • If in need, pray about your situation.
    There are many verses that direct us to seek God's help when we are in need. It may be advisable to seek financial advice from local brethren or financial institutions to resolve current problems. See 
    Matt 6:25-33, Matt 7:7-11, Prov 21:20

  • Ask your own relatives for financial help.
    Paul’s instruction to Timothy in 
    1 Tim 5:8-10,16 suggests that believers should first seek help from relatives. We realize this help may not be possible, but Paul’s advice is meant for our own edification and use. Paul gave the principle that the church should not be burdened, except to help those truly in need.

  • Strive to be debt-free.
    Live simply, free from the love of money. Scripture clearly directs Christians to aim for zero to low debt. (
    Rom 13:8; Prov 22:7, 26-27) Financial bondage to the world (with all of its lusts) can be avoided by being diligent to not spend more than each person earns. This is a huge problem in our Western society and, sadly, seriously afflicts our own community. See also  Matt 6:19-21; Ecc 5:10-12.

  • Plan ahead, save for Bible School by budgeting.
    Just as each of us must plan for unknown expenses, good financial stewardship plans for future Bible Schools. Proverbs 13:11 says He who gathers money little by little makes it grow. See also  
    1 Chron 29; Matt 26:6-13. Pay what you owe is another Biblical principle from  Deut 23:21; Phil 18; Matt 5:26; Ecc 5:4-5

  • If all else fails, the Church IS a financial resource for the poor.
    The congregation of believers in both the Old and New Testaments are directed to assist those in need. Sharing is a Biblical principle related to both fellowship and helping others who have greater need than ourselves. Jesus gave us the command to give to him who asks of you, so we realize that, God willing, we should share when asked. See  
    Acts 2:45; Rom 15:26;Ex 23:10-11;Deut 15:7-11; Gal 2:10; Prov 14:31

  • Consider giving back in other ways.
    Anyone who receives financial aid is requested to try to give back in time by volunteering for any number of jobs at Bible school. Please consider helping. There are many ways to help that can benefit other brethren who may be unable to help in ways that you can.


  • The above is not meant to discourage anyone from attending the Abrahamic Faith Gathering or from requesting financial aid, but is simply the committee's attempt to form a set of written guidelines. Please contact our Treasurer Bro. David Ross for any questions or thoughts you may have.

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